Analysis and reporting

Analysis and reporting

Don’t waste time on expensive reports and risk analysis updates. Use an automated tool.

Personalize the tool for yourself

Adjust erisk to your needs, without involving programmers. You set the fields, forms, data range, alerts or report sending dates yourself. Choose items based on what you want to track and share, and integrate them with built-in visualization tools.

Detect incidents before they happen

Prevent risks with incident root cause analysis, linkage graphs, and trend reporting. The view of charts and reports is also personalized, making it easier for you to navigate in the system and extract the necessary data.

Receive risk analysis reports

Automatically generated risk management reports are transparent, legible and contain only the data you specify. Thanks to this, you can analyze the risk more efficiently and take preventive and control actions. Your attention is focused only on critical threats.

React immediately with alerts

The system is equipped with alerts and notifications. In addition, it marks the places in the panel that require the employee’s attention. Thanks to this, you know perfectly well which elements require appropriate action. After the employee’s intervention, the data in the register are automatically updated, ensuring their consistency.

Quickly analyze the risk level thanks to the matrix

Determine the probability of the threat and its possible consequences. In erisk, a graphical risk matrix is available showing the risks along with their severity. This is one of the clearest ways to present the current risk situation.

Save time and money

Identify areas that require the most attention and identify critical hazard, risk, and control data to make better decisions. Forget about Excel – threat analysis, reporting and visualizations are generated automatically in erisk.