Risk management

Risk management

Take the first step towards effective automation of the risk management process!

Risk identification

The risk management process starts with identifying the threats your organization faces on a daily basis. Analyze and create assessment criteria, and select groups that affect this risk. Create a common risk register for the entire organization, which you will be able to manage conveniently with erisk. You don’t know how to create a risk register? We will help you!

Risk register

Provide your organization with one consistent and always up-to-date risk register, thanks to which risk owners will work on common data. Keep track of changes, releases, and risk assessment statuses on an ongoing basis. The notification and frequency wizard will enable automation of risk assessment in accordance with the adopted schedules.

Risk assessment

Once risks are identified, they need to be assessed and an appropriate response plan put in place. In erisk, you set priorities and evaluate and assess risk. This makes it easier for you to decide whether you accept a given risk and thus bear the costs, or whether you take other actions to prevent it or minimize its impact on the organization.

Risk monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the organization and its environment is essential for risk management – this is the only way to build an effective warning system and resistance to threats. erisk assesses your security performance for you, while linkage graphs, root cause analysis, and trend reporting help you prevent incidents.

erisk guards your organization
against risk