Risk monitoring

Risk monitoring

Carry out automatic risk control and detect threats faster.

Enjoy advanced features

In erisk, you use advanced solutions such as a prompt and dashboard wizard for risk analysis and monitoring. You have access to ISO, COSO, COBIT, Agile reference models as well as industry risk and security libraries.

Match risk responses

Continuous risk monitoring, defining remedial plans and shortening the decision-making loop is the only way to properly manage risk. In erisk, you will efficiently define responsibility for tasks in risk response plans and report their status.

Evaluate security effectiveness

Risk monitoring is a continuous process that requires constant control and remedial actions. Conduct an ongoing assessment of security effectiveness and take appropriate actions to maintain high resistance to risk.

Keep your risk under control

Your organization and the environment in which you operate are constantly changing, as are threats. Control risk and make periodic reviews with erisk. Be sure that the implemented controls are up-to-date and effective.

Improve communication and spot risks faster

Communication is extremely important in risk management. erisk improves your team’s communication, sharing information about incidents and the exchange of data. The entire organization has access to real-time risk information via the dashboard.