Risk register

Risk register

Assess risk and work with up-to-date data thanks to the central risk register.

Build your own risk register

Dzięki dostępnym w narzędziu szablonom możesz szybciej identyfikować ryzyka. Możesz również budować własne szablony ze strukturą danych i powiązaniami ryzyka z procesami, zasobami i zabezpieczeniami.

Work with consistent data

The risk register is always up-to-date and common for the entire organization. Thanks to this, the entire team works on the same data, which allows for more effective and efficient risk management.

Have your finger on the pulse

Monitor the risk register and introduced changes on an ongoing basis. Easily manage the risk status in the register. Keep the register up to date with the changing environment.

Streamline your communication

The system enables the team to communicate, share data, and perform other activities that are necessary to identify threats. The team has constant access to the history of changes and implementation statuses.

Monitor and control the risk

Your organization and its environment are constantly changing, so it is important to constantly monitor threats. Take control of your risks with periodic reviews and updates available at erisk .

Keep costs down

Defining risks and controlling them requires the involvement of employees. erisk takes over most of the tasks, helping you cut costs and keep your organization running smoothly.