Security incident management

Security incident management

Effectively manage incidents and reduce the risk of financial and reputation losses

Report incidents
efficiently and quickly

Thanks to the easy-to-use channels, incidents are reported quickly and smoothly. The advantage of the system is the possibility of integration with other tools used in the organization.

Save time
and get better data

Working on a single system throughout the entire organization is a guarantee of data consistency and currency. You gain insight into current data about incidents, which in turn translates into a faster response to risks, identification of their causes and connections between them.

Streamline your processes

One end-to-end incident management tool linked to the risk and reporting module ensures more efficient risk management processes. Your organization always works on a common database and registers.

Adapt the tool
to the way you work

You adapt the tool to your workflow, not the other way around. Thanks to this, you do not waste time and resources on introducing changes in the organization. If you do not have your own methodology, we will create it together with you and implement it in erisk.

Detect incidents
before they happen

Find the top causes of incidents with linkage charts, root cause analysis, and trend reporting. Prevent risks before they happen to reduce costs and maintain organizational resilience.

Lower your security costs

Monitor risks and security measures on an ongoing basis with the help of data and trend analysis available in erisk. Use transparent and up-to-date information that will help you assess whether the applied security measures are adequate to the potential risk occurrence costs.

Make an impact on business

Have your finger on the pulse. Create your own risk reports, analyses and assessments. Discover the possibilities of cost optimization by assessing the risk of a lost opportunity. This will help you answer the question of what opportunities you have to increase efficiency and improve processes.