Risk identification

Risk identification

Know and define the threats that can disrupt the work of the organization and negatively affect its goals.

Build your own risk register

Thanks to the templates available in the tool, you can identify risks faster. You can also create your own template with data structure and associations of risk with processes, resources and security.

Work with current data

The erisk risk register is common to the entire organization. This means that you always work with up-to-date data, and at the same time you have access to updates, current statuses and historical data.

Detect critical threats

Perform a detailed analysis of threats in accordance with the implemented risk identification and assessment methodology. The system automatically detects threats and collects information that is important for the organization in one system.

Improve communication

Plan and improve the process of identifying, estimating and monitoring risk using ready-made tools. The system automates communication, data sharing and other activities necessary for teamwork.

Reduce costs and streamline your organization's operations

Defining the risks requires the involvement of employees – here it is handled by erisk. As a result, you reduce costs, maintain smooth operation, and your organization is more resilient and competitive.

Act immediately!

Use the knowledge of experts. The system may have already configured risk templates and criteria for their assessment, thanks to which you will identify and react to threats faster. You can also implement your own methodology.