Survey management

Survey management

Create a survey, collect results, draw conclusions and prepare a report. Hear the voice of the team.

Work in one system

The survey system ensures greater efficiency of processes related to risk management and team work. In erisk you create a database of questions and send them in the form of a survey to selected employees. Study participants have access to completed forms, new surveys and their duration.

Create your own surveys

When creating surveys, you can use a ready-made database of questions or create your own. You can choose from various patterns such as open-ended questions, choice list, single choice, and multiple choice. The preparation of surveys is intuitive and uncomplicated, thanks to which you do not waste time and resources.

Get better results

With our question wizard you can modify the questions freely to better suit your needs. You can change the order of questions, their category, develop and optimize the database and send surveys to selected survey participants. Thanks to this, you get reliable and consistent results.

Enjoy advanced features

The module is most often used as a self-assessment tool being part of management control, or in information security to assess the effectiveness of the security measures in place. However, this is only a fraction for its applications and possibilities. Create your own surveys and forget about Excel – erisk generates results analysis, reports and charts automatically

Improve communication

One comprehensive tool for managing risks, surveys and reports ensures effective exchange of information between teams. Individual units of the organization work on current registers, they also have access to current surveys and reports.

Risks under control

In erisk, you will comprehensively prepare surveys and analyses that impact your business. Reports are clear and data is presented in charts. You can link survey results to relevant risks, thanks to which you gain even more control over your business.