Risk assessment

Risk assessment

Make the right decisions thanks to proper risk assessment and controls.

Calculate risk and costs

The decision whether to accept a specific risk and bear the costs or to take preventive or mitigating action depends on your organization’s risk appetite. Thanks to erisk, it is easier for you to estimate the cost of risk mitigation and learn about the possible consequences of your decisions.

Prioritize and simplify management

In practice, it is difficult to manage all risks at once. Prioritize and identify threats. Use defined risk criteria, such as probability, financial impact, compliance or level of performance. Our risk assessment sheet will help you.

Adjust your action plan to risk

Effective risk assessment influences proposed actions, focusing attention and resources on the greatest threats. Thanks to the implemented monitoring mechanisms and risk optimization plans, you know how to react properly to the risk and thus reduce the losses of the organization.

Optimize your security level

Don’t let risk assessments become obsolete – arrange periodic reviews and be confident that risk owners maintain control over them. The erisk tool provides convenient reporting, evaluation and optimization of security values based on up-to-date data.

Make work and communication easier

Use the tool, set up a workflow and facilitate the effective exchange of information between teams. It is important that the individual units of the organization and employees understand their role in risk assessment.

Be prepared!

Make a correct risk assessment and calculation and be ready even for those that you consider to be of little importance or with low potential for occurrence. Face all identified threats and be prepared for any or all of them to appear.