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For organizations that want
to organize and control
their risk management process.
  • Configure your own risk management framework.
  • Identify risks.
  • Manage the risk register.
  • Make valuations and risk assessments.
  • Monitor risks and control threats.
  • Define your own notifications and prompts.


For larger organizations that need complex solutions and extensive analytics in risk prediction.
  • Build an early warning system against threats.
  • Ensure data transparency and visualize reports.
  • Share reports and analyses.
  • Create your own user roles and permission levels.
  • Make individual changes to the application.
Starter Professional Enterprise
Risk management
Integrate the risk management process and plan the team's work in accordance with the established methodology. Provide your team with efficient internal communication and build greater transparency, which will accelerate reaction and eliminate risks.
Risk identification
Build your own risk register or use ready-made templates. Establish the structure of data necessary to report a new risk together with the method of identifying the risk owner. Link risks to processes, resources, goals and safeguards.
Risk register
Provide your organization with one consistent and always up-to-date risk register, thanks to which risk owners will work on shared data. Monitor the introduction of changes, versions and status of the risk assessment on an ongoing basis. The notification and frequency wizard will provide you with the automation of risk assessment in accordance with the adopted schedules.
Risk assessment
Evaluate and implement an appropriate risk response plan. Set priorities and make risk valuations and assessments. Assess and optimize security value more efficiently based on current data.
Risk monitoring
Build an effective warning system and resilience to threats. erisk will guide you in evaluating your security performance, while available linkage graphs, root cause analysis, and trend reporting help prevent incidents.
Risk Management module training
Access online basic training on using the Risk Management module.
Incident management
Give your team access to the accurate, real-time data they need to make strategic decisions in the face of a crisis. The package is available only as an extension of the Risk Management module.
Incident reports
Set up your own incident report form. Using drag&drop mechanisms, specify what data you want to receive. Select the appropriate field types (text field, description, actual value, script, authorized person, scale, evaluation frequency, etc.) and build selection lists. Develop and optimize the appearance of the form at any time. You can also use our examples and predefined templates.
Handling incident reports
Design your own incident reporting workflow – set any number of steps and user groups assigned to them. Specify the level of permission to add, edit and delete incident reports.
Linkage and relationships
Link the Incident Report module with the risk register and risk assessment. Automatically update logs and track the entire workflow path before making an assessment.
Incident Management module training
Access to basic online training on how to use the Incident Management module.
Survey management
Listen to your team's voice. Prepare surveys, compile results, draw conclusions and produce clear reports.
Question Wizard
Create questions that will be used in the configuration of surveys. Select the type of question: open-ended, pick-list, single-choice, multiple-choice. Manage the database of questions and define the order of questions. Develop and optimize the database of questions at any time. You can also use ready-made examples and templates.
Survey Wizard
Use the question repository, create and conduct your own surveys, including self-assessment surveys for management control. Develop and optimize the appearance of the survey at any time. You can work with the available examples and templates.
Survey Distributor
Select a group of recipients and assign users to the survey. Automatically send notifications to erisk users who are about to complete a survey and are active participants in the survey or self-assessment.
Result Analysis
Generate graphs automatically based on answers. Take advantage of visual presentations and present the results to survey participants and key audiences. Link study results to the Risk Management module, which automatically updates data and tracks the entire information flow path.
Survey Management module training
Access basic online training on using the Survey Management module.
Analytics and reports
Create, track, visualize and report all aspects of risk management with built-in reporting mechanisms.
Report Wizard
Configure your own reports in graphical or tabular form. Generate reports based on historical data and on an ongoing basis in real time.
Use data visualization mechanisms and choose which reports will be available on your dashboard on the home page.
Access to reports
Give appropriate access permissions to user groups to selected reports.
Data export
Download reports and analysis results in XLS, DOC, PDF formats convenient for you.
Report sharing
Specify who and in how often will receive the indicated reports. The system will deliver and archive them automatically.
Analytics module training
Access to basic online training on using the Analytics module.
Report library
Use the available library of predefined reports that you can customize to your needs.
Configuration and management
Configuration of the risk management process
Definition Wizard
Configure your own methodology or use ready-made libraries. Enter the data structure, build a tree of components and define relationships and links between them. The system allows you to create superior and subordinate objects for individual objects. The tool does not require programming knowledge – you create the methodology in accordance with the no-code idea.
Script Wizard
Define your own formulas for automatic data conversion for the selected definition and between definitions.
Frequency Wizard
Specify who and in how often will receive the indicated prompts and notifications.
Prompt Wizard
Define your own notifications and prompts, e.g. risks with exceeded value – unacceptable risks, about risk approval.
Change history tracking
Monitor changes thanks to the available history, which defines such values as who, what and when changed in the area of risk identification, assessment and monitoring as well as the risk register.
Roles and permissions
Manage your instance. Add users, assign them positions and roles with permission levels.
Advanced access permissions
Give the same user additional roles, e.g. Analyst and Manager.
Custom user roles
Use the available four roles (Administrator, Manager, Basic and Analyst) or configure your own role with the specification of the permission level.
Support and helpdesk
Technical assistance mail mail phone, mail
Dedicated consultant 16h/year 32h/year
Individual test environment
Knowledge base

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Risk management in accordance with ISO 31000

Information Security Management in accordance with ISO 27001

Business Continuity Management in accordance with ISO 22301

Risk analysis in accordance with GDPR

Enterprise Risk Management in accordance with COSO

Partner Risk Management

Automation of processor assessment in accordance with the GDPR

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