How to assess the risk in the erisk system?

Watch our demo videos. Learn the mechanisms of the risk management system. We developed a sample system use scenario and then recorded material that presents the functionalities of the risk management software in the area of risk assessment. We will present the process from the perspective of the Secondary Risk Owner and the Risk Manager, who will analyze the risk assessment and approve the changes made. We will also present the report view, which enables efficient verification of the assessment process by stages. The following scenario shows the various steps that are performed in the recording. Watch our video and evaluate the performance of the erisk risk management system. See how easy it is!

Use case


System users

Secondary Risk Owner
Risk Manager

Use case scenario

The Secondary Risk Owner performs risk assessment in accordance with the risk management methodology implemented in the software. The system automatically generates prompts. The results of the assessment are collected and saved in the system on an ongoing basis. The Risk Manager presents and analyzes data using reports.

The Secondary Risk Owner assesses the risk

The Secondary Risk Owner selects and assesses the risk from the risk register in accordance with the ERM form.

Risk Manager verifies the risk assessment

The Risk Manager verifies the course of the risk assessment. He monitors unacceptable risks.

Reporting the course of the risk assessment

Presentation of the results of the “risk assessment” from the access level of the Risk Manager or Secondary Risk Owner, taking into account current and historical data.

the video