How to handle a risk incident?

Learn about the mechanisms of the risk management system that enable comprehensive incident management from registration of a report, through documentation update, to reporting. We developed an exemplary scenario of system use, planned individual steps, and then recorded material that shows the use of the system from the level of two different users: Secondary Risk Owner and Risk Manager. Read the scenario, then watch our video material and evaluate the performance of the erisk risk management system.

Use case


System users

Secondary Risk Owner
Risk Manager

Use case scenario

The Secondary Risk Owner reports the risk incident so that the Risk Manager can handle it and take corrective actions. As a result of this action, the risk register and incident handling report are updated.

The user (risk assessor) reports the incident

The user selects the appropriate incident reporting form.

Incident Handling

The Risk Manager or another responsible person verifies the incident report, assigns the incident to the selected risk.

Incident monitoring

The Secondary Risk Owner analyzes the reported incidents, assigned to the risk for which he/she is responsible.

Incident reporting

The Risk Manager analyzes incident reports using reports.

the video